Full Body Spray Tan




Good for 1 Full Body Spray Tan

Sunless Tanning is a reaction between DHA and the proteins in your skin that occur in the outermost layer, the Epidermis. A sunless tan is limited to the upper layer in the skin and results in a reaction…it re-energizes the skin for a healthy glow and improved tanning performance. It allows optimal penetration enabling you to wash it off in 1-4 hours.

Need to KNOW:


Come freshly showered.

Do not get waxed before your spray tan or before your initial shower.

Exfoliate and shave.

Do not apply lotions, sunscreen, make-up or oil to your skin before your spray tan appointment

Wear loose fitting clothes and slip on shoes


Wait 1-4 hours after application to shower/get wet

Take cooler showers, hot water strips the body of natural oils causing your skin to dry out

Use mild soap and avoid exfoilition


Combine your spray tan with any of our other spa services for a deeper, longer lasting tan.


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