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        Infrared Sauna and Cocoon

        Our Infrared Sauna and Cocoon Wellness Pod emits the infrared spectra (mid and far) that provides the most health benefits, both through heating and non-heating mechanisms. Benefits include boosted immune system, deep tissue relief, age reversal, relaxation and more!

        Benefits include:
        Sweats Out Toxins                                     Slows and Reverses Aging
        Boosts Immune System                                  Repairs Muscles Faster
        Provides Deep Tissue Relief                           Improves Sleep Quality
        Boosts Metabolism/Fat Loss                            Gives Daytime Energy
        Heals Wounds Faster                           Improves Blood Vessel Health
        Minimizes Scarring                                               Provides Relaxation


        Single Session: $15.00
        5 Sessions: $75.00
        10 Sessions: $100.00
        One Month Unlimited: $100.00


        Contact Us

        Send us a message on Facebook, or call us at 913-594-4534